About Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity School of Medicine provides students the opportunity to continue pursuing their dream of becoming a physician. Through rigorous academics, a supportive environment, world-class partnerships, and personal attention, we graduate, match, and deliver skilled, compassionate, and successful physicians throughout the world. 

Our major focus is on providing med students the environment and support they need to achieve their goal for medical practice. This focus reaches beyond our students and into the communities that they serve. Our investment in students is not only providing an exceptional learning experience, but in fostering an environment of care, trust, and commitment to ensure our medical students ultimate success. Read our Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Medical Schools to learn more about why Trinity is a top ranked medical school.

Accredited Medical University

Trinity’s accreditation by CAAM-HP, the leading accrediting authority for Caribbean medical schools, qualifies our graduates to enter the U.S. and Canadian residency match processes, to secure residencies in any U.S. state or Canadian province, and to become licensed to practice in any U.S. state or Canadian province. Trinity graduates also practice in a number of foreign countries. We are proud to have alumni throughout the country living their dream of practicing medicine in their hometown communities. With a degree from Trinity, all doors are open to you.

Beautiful Campus in the Caribbean

Our medical school campus is located on the top of a hill in the Ratho Mill district of St Vincent and the Grenadines, with incredible views of the ocean. Campus is conveniently located to Argyle International Airport, downtown Kingstown and Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, where students engage in their clinical training.

Mission & Vision

Our mission at Trinity School of Medicine is to train and instill in Trinity graduates a mission of service to the health and welfare of the communities they will live in and serve. We achieve that mission through the personal investment we make in each student who enters our school, starting from the admissions process and continuing through their academic and clinical studies, into residencies and on into medical practice. We will be beside you every step of the way.

History of Success

Trinity’s success is built on a strong foundation of student focus and support. Trinity students achieve a high rate of success in the key medical school milestone events: USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 exams, and U.S. residency placement. We don’t place artificial barriers in front of those milestone events to prop up statistical results. Students are provided multiple opportunities, with faculty and administration support, to achieve successful outcomes. In the most important measurement of success, our graduates have a 90% match rate.

Why Trinity?

Trinity is the one medical school that will invest personally and professionally in you with your success as its core mission. Led by experienced U.S. medical school deans, Trinity's approach has proven successful for our graduates.

The founders of Trinity were determined to develop a learning environment focused on student success and that closely resembles a U.S. medical school, from small class sizes and low student-to faculty-ratios, to a U.S.-style medical center facilities for clinical clerkships. Trinity goes far beyond simply teaching basic sciences in the first two years, we immediately integrate clinical exposure, and our students begin clinical training in their very first term. These activities are available through the many partnerships we have developed with organizations such as Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, local health clinics and the World Pediatric Project. This early clinical training builds student confidence, a strong foundation of skill, patient rapport and sets Trinity apart from other medical schools.

Dedicated Leadership & Faculty

The Faculty at Trinity School of Medicine are all highly qualified and credentialed educators that are passionate about teaching. They are fully committed to student success and foster a true sense of family. Trinity is a school where the professors know the students name and are readily accessible to answer questions or offer additional help. Our graduates will tell you that they attribute much of their success to the level of personal support they found at Trinity from faculty, staff, administration and fellow students. The challenges of medical school are much more manageable when others around you are as invested in your success as you are.

Clinical Affiliations 

Trinity understands the critical nature of a strong clinical foundation, that is why we begin clinical training in the very first term - this is possible because Trinity has partnered with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, a 230 bed teaching hospital and several local community health clinics. Trinity students participate in weekly rotations, staff health fairs and triage patients. 

Trinity’s Southeast clerkship facilities, located in Warner Robins, Georgia, Houston County is an expanding region of medical education, centered around Houston Healthcare (HHC). HHC started as a single community hospital in Warner Robins and is now an integrated healthcare system consisting of seven separate entities, serving 300,000 people annually. 

Community & Learning Opportunities for Med Students

Trinity students have a truly unique opportunity to participate in the pediatric care mission of a remarkable organization, the World Pediatric Project (WPP). WPP serves at-risk children throughout the Caribbean region through its teams of volunteer physicians, with a world class operating facility in St. Vincent for specialty surgeries. Trinity students serve supporting roles in surgical cases and participate in care discussions with surgical teams.

In addition to the WPP, Trinity students have many other opportunities to serve and learn within the medical community. One example is The Rotary Village Doctor program. This program allows the people of St. Vincent the opportunity to be seen by a number of volunteer specialists on a single day, in a single location. Trinity students triage over 100+ patients a day at these scheduled events. Early patient interactions and exposure to clinical situations provide a great benefit to Trinity students and also allows the student the opportunity to give back to the community of St. Vincent. Trinity is always looking for new opportunities to grow and engage our students in high yield community service activities.