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Trinity's personal approach to education in Caribbean medical schools
Trinity's personal approach to education in Caribbean medical schools
Trinity's personal approach to education in Caribbean medical schools
Should I go to the Caribbean for medical school? Is Trinity right for me?

Explore One of the Best Caribbean Medical Schools. 

 Trinity School of Medicine, is a highly accredited, international medical school located on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. Trinity holds itself to a special responsibility to train highly skilled physicians and to instill in them a passion and dedication to the health and welfare of the communities they will serve. 

Studying medicine in St. Vincent for the first half of the MD program affords our students the opportunity to learn in settings they wouldn't have access to elsewhere. Coupled with two years of clinical training in U.S. hospitals, our students graduate as differentiated and adaptable physicians with the skills to compete for their Residency of choice. Our blog highlights several student journeys during their time at Trinity and beyond.

Trinity School of Medicine is a rigorous Caribbean medical school for students who value personal attention and faculty support within a smaller, focused learning environment. Our four-year MD program is fully accredited and comparable to U.S. accreditation standards per the U.S. Department of Education.

From our campus in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinity students spend two years engaged in hands-on, comprehensive study including immediate and regular clinical experience. After two years of basic sciences, students transition to the U.S. for clinical clerkships and the U.S. board exams as they prepare for residency and licensure in the U.S. and Canada.  

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Your Mission, Our Purpose


The founders of Trinity set out to build a top-quality medical school recognized for excellence among all medical schools. We achieve that excellence through the personal investment we make in each student who enters our school, starting from the admissions process and continuing through their academic and clinical studies, into residencies and on into medical practice. U.S. and Canadian residency directors know the quality of Trinity graduates, who continue to secure top choice residencies in the annual U.S. and Canadian residency match programs in a broad range of specialties. 

Trinity School of Medicine students are inspired by science and committed to service. Our collaborative environment, personal approach to education and the success of our graduates in earning competitive residency placements sets Trinity apart from other quality international medical schools. Whatever motivates you to pursue medical school, it is our mission to support and see you through to success at Trinity.

Our Vision is Straight Forward

To educate physicians to meet the primary care and healthcare needs of the communities they serve. Our graduates are in a position to improve access to quality healthcare and enhance the health status of current and future healthcare systems.