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Trinity School of Medicine offers three enrollment options for incoming students each year. A reality of medical education is while sometimes repeated attempts at the MCAT can result in higher scores, there is a correlation between time after departing school and diminished retention. If you've completed your undergraduate education and want to keep your momentum, why not consider a May 2016 start?

Trinity Students Gain Experience with the Physicians of the World Pediatric Project

May is not only viable, for many it's the best option.

    • Incoming class is ideally sized with 35 students
    • Completion of courses and exams timed to align with the Residency Match Application process
    • Fewer applicants competing for admission and scholarships
    • Escape two Winters (with a January start) in the Caribbean   

If you were overlooked in the 2015 or 2016 application cycles, there IS another option
Apply for the May term at Trinity and arrive at your goal—as a licensed physician in North America without waiting through the once-a-year opportunity and earn your MD by 2020.

Apply with your existing AMCAS, AACOMAS or OMSAS application (see form below) OR complete Trinity's Online Application and in 4-6 weeks you may be announcing to friends and family, "I'm starting medical school!"

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