Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Evaluating Applications for  September 2022

Trinity School of Medicine has an admissions committee comprised of faculty members representing the basic sciences and the clinical sciences and chaired by the associate dean of admissions. Completed applications along with the results of the interview are sent to the committee for its review and recommendation. Rolling admissions enables applicants to have an admissions decision within weeks of submitting their completed application. If offered admission, applicants have up approximately 21 days to secure their seat with a tuition commitment deposit of $500.

Application Deadlines

Trinity School of Medicine offers three program entry points each year: January, May and September. We utilize a rolling admissions process to give every applicant an individual evaluation on their own merits. We encourage applicants to submit all materials for consideration 2 to 6 months prior to the requested start date. If it is determined that you will be offered an interview, you can expect to receive notification from the admissions office within a week of the receipt of your completed application. 

Submitting Your Application for Admission


If you have a current AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS or OMSAS Application Report, save the file as a pdf and submit it for immediate consideration. If your AMCAS report has not been processed, please submit your transcripts (student copies are acceptable to initiate the process). 


Complete the Trinity School of Medicine Application for Admission online.

Admission Interviews

Trinity offers Admissions interviews to qualified applicants who have submitted their application materials and met our standards for interview eligibility. Admissions interviews are offered both in-person and via Skype. Applicants may interview at any of Trinity's Admissions offices located in Atlanta GA, Tacoma, WA, Los Angeles, CA or on campus in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

To learn more about our unique approach to admissions interviews or to check for opportunities to interview closer to home when Trinity's admissions team travels to US and Canadian cities to host interviews, visit the admissions interview page.