Admissions at Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity School of Medicine's approach to admissions is holistic. The bigger picture of an applicant's life, the trajectory of their academic performance, additional experience in healthcare or research, even challenges they've overcome in pursuit of their goals, all of these are seriously considered before we reach an admissions decision. 



❱ Requirements

Trinity's requirements for admission consist of three main components: undergraduate credit hours, pre-requist courses, and completion of the MCAT. At Trinity, we pride ourselves on considering the comprehensive story of every qualified applicant. This means an applicant's previous education, interview, and past experience are all considered in conjunction with his or her MCAT score, which is why we do not set minimum scores.

❱ Process

Note: Our rolling admission process spans the entire year to accomodate both our diverse applicant pool and our three start dates, (January, May, and September). Our admissions committee prioritizes reviewing applicants, so decisions can be made within weeks of a completed submission.

The proccess itself begins by completing one of our application options—complete our easy online application and release your MCAT score, or upload an existing application report from one of the approved application services. Shortly after your references are recieved and admission interview has concluded, you will receive a decision.  

❱ Financial Information

Financing your medical education is an important part of your decision-making process. Trinity maintains relationships with multiple private student loan providers. Additionally, the Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan® is a sensible loan option for graduates, providing rates and terms competitive with Fedaral PLUS Loans.

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