Individualized learning plan

Individualized Learning Plans at Trinity

Entering medical school represents a major life transition. Trinity students come from around the world and from all walks of life with different backgrounds, experience, and education. The rigorous demands of a full medical school curriculum and the adjustment to a change in environment can impact early academic success. Recognizing the importance of establishing a solid educational foundation, Trinity offers individualized learning plans.

At Trinity, course work and pace can be carefully structured to maximize the benefits of Trinity's coordinated curriculum while also accounting for the assessed challenge level of each course based on student feedback and outcomes.

These considerations, taking full advantage of an extended timeline (which also spreads out the NBME exam timetables), means you have additional time to master the subject matter of the basic sciences, reinforce study skills, develop test-taking proficiency, improve time management and adapt to your new environment. This enables you to start strong and gradually step into the full MD curriculum in your second year, with the full course loads of MD 3, MD 4 and MD 5 while still completing the full doctor of medicine degree program in four years.


As part of our support for student success, accelerating or decelerating their movement through Trinity have tuition adjusted accordingly. Effectively a pro-rating, there is no additional tuition cost for changing the pace of learning at Trinity School of Medicine. 


Applicants may indicate a preference for an ILP during the admissions process. Additionally, the admissions committee may strongly recommend the ILP track for accepted applicants. This is in no way an indicator of future performance, nor is it a prep program of any kind. Any student on an ILP track at Trinity is a fully fledged medical school student taking part in the MD curriculum because, in many ways, all students at Trinity are on an ILP track.