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Trinity School of Medicine partners with Georgia Highlands College

Trinity School of Medicine is excited to announce its new partnership with Georgia Highlands College, a multi-campus institution with learning facilities located throughout northwest Georgia. This partnership will provide GHC students with a clear, defined path to becoming a practicing MD and allow students the unique opportunity for global education.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Maye Mohamed & Dr. Nada Mohamed

According to a recent study in Sweden, being born into a family where one or both parents are physicians greatly increases the likelihood that the children will also become physicians. For doctors and sisters Maye and Nada Mohamed, that certainly rings true.

Medical School Application Checklist


Medical School Application Checklist

Are you applying to medical school? If so, you'll need to make sure you have everything ready before the deadline.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Kyle Humphrey

Friday, May 6, 2022 marked the newest class of Trinity School of Medicine students beginning their journey towards becoming physicians. The White Coat Ceremony is an important symbolic event and a rite of passage, welcoming new medical students into the profession of medicine.

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Brielle Cartwright

In preparation of our next "From an Insider" webinar, we are spotlighting one of its special guests and Trinity's Assistant Dean of Clinical Clerkships and Integrated Review Systems, Dr. Brielle Cartwright. Join us on April 21st at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST for this virtual event where we will be speaking with Dr. Cartwright and Trinity's Dean and Provost, Dr. Frances Purcell. Register in advance by clicking here. 

When we asked Dr. Brielle Cartwright what inspired her to go into medicine, she said the answer was simple: "Wanting to advocate for mental health patients who cannot advocate for themselves." After witnessing loved ones battle with mental illness and addiction, Dr. Cartwright decided to use those experiences to work towards changing the system and reshaping the cultural idea that psychiatric healthcare is unnecessary or shameful. Now, as a Psychiatrist, she works hard to help her patients maintain their mental and emotional stability and provide an underserved population with the care they deserve.

Trinity Students Participate in an Active Shooter Disaster Simulation Event


Trinity is committed to preparing medical students to become life-saving physicians, ready to serve wherever and whenever their community is in need.

2022 Match Report: Trinity Reaches New Milestones in Residency Placements

We are pleased to announce residency match results for 2022! Once again, Trinity graduates continue to represent our school in placements at top healthcare institutions across the U.S. In addition to placements such as Anesthesiology at Duke and Child Neurology at Johns Hopkins, there will be nearly 100 other graduates representing Trinity throughout the country in specialties such as Surgery, OBGYN, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, and many others.

Choosing the Right Pre-Med Major


Students with their sights set on attending medical school often want to know if there is a particular undergraduate major that will increase their chances of admittance. To answer this question, we need to first examine the most common majors of pre-med students. Then you can decide if the most popular choices equate to the right choice for you.


Road Map to Medical School


If you’re working towards medical school, you know the road to admissions is a long one and one you have to start on early. To make the journey a little easier, we’ve made a guide to help you navigate through the prep years.

Trinity School of Medicine Celebrates the January 2022 White Coat Ceremony

Earlier this month, Trinity School of Medicine held its White Coat Ceremony for the January 2022 starting class. Along with the new matriculants, parents, friends, and other well-wishers gathered to celebrate the day at Kingstown Baptist Church in St. Vincent. Presiding over the event was Trinity Dean Dr. Frances Purcell with guest speakers including Her Excellency Dame Susan Dougan, Governor-General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinity alum Dr. Sarah Seyffert.

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