academic calendar

Trinity School of Medicine Academic Calendar

Trinity School of Medicine operates on a three term schedule per calendar year with classes beginning every September, January and May. Each term is approximately 15 weeks. Students are typically able to complete their 10-term program in just under four calendar years.

Dates are subject to change. 

Spring 2018

January - April 2018
January 2 - 4 New Student Registration
January 6 White Coat Ceremony
January 7 Returning Student Registration
 January 8 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
 January 12 Last Day to Register
 April 20 End of Term


Summer 2018

May - August 2018
May 1 - 3 New Student Registration
May 5 White Coat Ceremony
May 6 Returning Student Registration
May 7 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
May 11 Last Day to Register
June 2 Graduation
August 17 End of Term


Fall 2018

September - December 2018
August 25 - 27 New Student Registration
September 1 White Coat Ceremony
September 2 Returning Student Registration
September 3 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
September 7 Last Day to Register
December 14 End of Term