academic calendar

Trinity School of Medicine Academic Calendar

Trinity School of Medicine operates on a three term schedule per calendar year with classes beginning every September, January and May. Each term is approximately 15 weeks. Students are typically able to complete their 10-term program in just under four calendar years.

Dates are subject to change. 

Fall 2018

September - December 2018
August 25 - 27 New Student Registration
September 1 White Coat Ceremony
September 2 Returning Student Registration
September 3 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
September 7 Last Day to Register
December 14 End of Term


Spring 2019

January - April 2019
January 8 - 9 New Student Registration
January 12 White Coat Ceremony
January 13 Returning Student Registration
 January 14 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
 January 18 Last Day to Register
 April 26 End of Term


Summer 2019

May - August 2018
May 7 - 9 New Student Registration
May 11 White Coat Ceremony
May 12 Returning Student Registration
May 13 First Day of Class
New Student Orientation
May 17 Last Day to Register
June 15 Graduation
August 23 End of Term