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Future physicians enroll at

Trinity School of Medicine

for our unique offerings:


Begins in the first term and continues through the Basic Sciences with visits to the affiliated teaching hospital.


The September term is growing while the number of students for our January and May incoming terms will be kept low, providing an increased level of student and faculty interaction.


From Pre-Med studies, formal USMLE reviews and early clinical experience, Trinity prepares students for their future as physicians.

  • Dr. Amanda Schimnowski, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Drew Clare, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Sumaiya Islam, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Kellen Hayes, Family Medicine
  • Dr. James Parker, Surgery
  • Dr. Ashley Hunsuck, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Amberley Lemoine, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Jeni Young, Radiology
  • Dr. Kendra Allen, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Gil Boland
  • Dr. John D'Andrea, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Apoorva Jayarangaiah, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Sherrydene Phillips, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Lauren Blue, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Clint Ezekiel, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Mary Anne Brett, Anatomical Pathology
  • Dr. Jessiela Roberts, Family Medicine
  • Dr. Fanisha Porter, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Kat Jurecki, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Aries Kuo, OB/GYN
  • Dr. Agon Kajmolli, Surgery
  • Dr. Dele Oladapo, Psychiatry
  • Dr. Thomas Oliver, Anatomical Pathology
  • Dr. Devon Charlton, Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Adrian Garcia, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

Basic Sciences

Terms I- V, focus on the scientific disciplines of human health and disease. Our Introduction to Clinical & Community Medicine (ICCM) includes hospital based patient care experiences, an intro to population based medicine and public health principles.


Clinical Education

Terms VI - X consist of 48 weeks of core clinical clerkships in teaching hospitals and medical facilities in the U.S. plus 27 weeks of elective clerkships strategically chosen to enhance a student's opportunity for a residency match.



Our Students

Hear about Trinity directly from our Students. Videos, profiles, bio's and student success including Residency placements.
VIDEOS & MORE» Trinity students continue to excel on USMLE Step 1 and the 2015 statistics speak for themselves.

Trinity USMLE Step 1 Stats for 2015 YTD