• Step up and start strong with Trinity's Individualized Learning Plan

    Curriculum Approach Fosters Student Success

  • Members of the Canadian Students Association Gather Much Needed Supplies for the Community

    Canadian Medical Students Association Delivers for the Vincentian Community.

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    Medical School Admissions, Rejection, and How to Stay on Track for Fall 2016

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    Trinity Students & Faculty Travel to Island of Mayreau for Medical Outreach

Trinity's personal approach to education in Caribbean medical schools
Trinity School of Medicine, accredited caribbean medical school
Trinity SOM alumni succeed year after year in the residency match
Should I go to the Caribbean for medical school? Is Trinity right for me?

Dr. Christopher Saling, Trinity School of Medicine alumni spotlight

Trinity Alumni Spotlight

Trinity School of Medicine has always prided itself on the strength and ambition of its students. So many of our future physicians come our way looking for something new; whether that's a unique learning environment built on support and a strong relationship with the faculty, a curriculum with an emphasis on clinical skills and service to patients, or just a fresh start. 

Our Alumni spotlight highlights the careers and accomplishments of our graduates. In this edition, we're excited to check in with Dr. Christopher Saling, a 2015 graduate of Trinity School of Medicine.

Dr. Saling graduated with a degree in physics and started a career on Wall Street, but felt like something was missing. It came down to this, for Christopher: He'd always wanted to be a doctor. It was a calling. He knew he had to answer that calling, and he soon realized Trinity School of Medicine could help him do it.
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Yes, you should consider an accredited Caribbean medical school


Your Mission, Our Purpose

Trinity School of Medicine students are inspired by science and committed to service. A common characteristic among Trinity students is the altruistic desire to bring healthcare to communities in need.  Trinity SOM is happy to harness and nurture that trait to drive quality learning and provide greater global access to care. Our students researched the other Caribbean medical schools and ultimately chose Trinity for its collaborative environment, personal approach to education and the success of our graduates in earning competitive residency placements.


Studying abroad in St. Vincent for the first half of the MD program affords our students the opportunity to do, see, and learn in settings they wouldn't have access to elsewhere. Coupled with two years of clinical training in U.S. hospitals, our students graduate as compassionate physicians with the knowledge and skills to compete for their Residency of choice.

Our Vision is Straight Forward

To educate physicians to meet the primary care and healthcare needs of the communities they serve. Our graduates are in a position to improve access to quality healthcare and enhance the health status of current and future healthcare systems.