canadian students choose trinity school of medicine

Why Canadian Students Choose Trinity

Dr. Thomas Oliver, Physician Vernon Jubilee Hospital BC, Canada, Trinity School of Medicine Grad
Dr. Thomas Oliver

As Trinity's first graduate to match through the Canadian Residency Matching Service and a member of our charter class, Dr. Oliver is widely recognized as one of our true pioneers. After residency training in Manitoba, he is back in his native British Columbia and shares advice on how to navigate the Canadian system.

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Dr. Sherrydene Phillips, Trinity School of Medicine graduate, Resident McGill UniversityDr. Phillips, Resident, McGill University

"I felt like I was being listened to. I wasn't just a name or number and that was important to me. The medical curriculum can be really challenging and it was good to feel like I had support."

Undergraduate - McGill University



Dr. Brett, Resident McMaster University, Trinity School of Medicine graduateDr. Brett, Resident, McMaster University

"It was important for me to return to Canada to continue my career. The competitive tuition played a big role, as well as, the opportunity to gain hospital experience immediately. All of those aspects made Trinity my first choice."

Undergraduate - McMaster University


Dr. Clohosey, Internal Medicine and Trinity School of Medicine graduate

Dr. Clohosey, Saint Mary's Hospital, Connecticut

"I chose to attend Trinity for a few reasons. First was the caliber of the professors, both full time and visiting faculty. Second was the personal attention that would be available to me due to small class sizes. Another was the the quality of the clerkship program, all in US teaching hospitals, with no wait time to get in, as opposed to many other Caribbean schools." 

Undergraduate - McGill University


Dr. Schimnowski, Trinity Graduate and Resident Univ. of AlabamaDr. Schimnowski, Resident, University of Alabama School of Medicine 

"I miss St. Vincent, I miss the landscape, the volcano, the crystal blue waters, and the people there were so nice, so friendly. Being in the Caribbean was so different than being in Canada, everything slows down and you have to learn to relax.  You learn to roll with the punches and that's something I've taken away from it, I can approach situations differently just from my Trinity experience."

Undergraduate - University of Manitoba

Dr. Sumaiya Islam, Trinity School of Medicine graduate, Family MedicineDr. Islam, Resident, Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan

"We studied together, we lived together, we did everything together.  We helped each other out as much as we could. It has to be that way other wise you will get too overwhelmed dealing with everything on your own. We definitely had to help each other out. The upper termers reached out to us to make us feel at home and that made all the difference in the beginning."

Undergraduate - McMaster University

Dr. Brown, Resident, Norwalk Hospital, Connecticut

"I liked the fact that it was a new school – the teachers would want you to do well. I wanted a school where students would work together rather than competing. I chose Trinity because it was not a tourist resort – there would be less distractions than other Caribbean schools."

Undergraduate - University of Toronto