Resources for Canadian Students at Trinity

Understand the Exams Required for Licensure [More Details]

  • Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Exam (MCCEE)
  • Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part I (MCCQE Part I)
  • Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part II (MCCQE Part II) 
  • The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Exam


Medical Electives: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast- Is there an elective and research strategy to be competitive?

Safety Net: Should I have a backup discipline?

Location: Should I restrict the geographic area for my residency application?

All Eggs in One Basket: Should I only apply to one discipline to make sure I get it?

Demystifying the Resident Matching Process

Are my odds better if I apply to the school where I did my studies?

Sherrydene, McGill University

I felt like I was being listened to. I wasn't just a name or number and that was important to me. The medical curriculum can be really challenging and it was good to feel like I had support.

2015 Residency Match, McGill Univ.




Mary Ann, McMaster University

It was important for me to return to Canada to continue my career. The competitive tuition played a big role, as well as, the opportunity to gain hospital experience immediately. All of those aspects made Trinity my first choice.

2013 Residency Match, McMaster Univ.


Seth, McGill University

I chose to attend Trinity for a few reasons. First was the caliber of the professors, both full time and visiting faculty. Second was the personal attention that would be available to me due to small class sizes. Another was the the quality of the clerkship program, all in US teaching hospitals, with no wait time to get in, as opposed to many other Caribbean schools. 

2013 Residency Match, St. Mary's Hospital


Orett, University of Toronto

I liked the fact that it was a new school – the teachers would want you to do well. I wanted a school where students would work together rather than competing. I chose Trinity because it was not a tourist resort – there would be less distractions than other Caribbean schools.>

2014 Residency Match, Norwalk Hospital


Catherine, University of Western Ontario

I chose Trinity because I could start right away, that was important to me. Starting clinical rotations in the first term and the small class size was not important initially but now I see the advantages – the Professors know me.

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