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We do things a bit differently at Trinity. 

Dr. Guinevere Bell-Associate Director of Admissions, Trinity School of Medicine
Dr. Guinevere Bell, PhD
Associate Director of Admissions


First, we place our applicant interviews at the beginning of the admissions process rather than towards the end. This enables our applicants to demonstrate their personal strengths and how it balances with their academic and extracurricular experience. It lets you tell us the story of you and your test scores, your grades, and be heard, evaluated as a complete candidate and not just numbers on a page. 


Second, we recognize that many people across the US and Canada that would make wonderful physicians (especially many non-traditional students already engaged in other careers) may not have the time or resources to travel for an interview.

Stacy Meyer VP Enrollment, Trinity School of Medicine
Stacy Meyer
VP of Enrollment 

To address this, we send our associate deans of admissions to major cities across the continent to give these students the opportunity they deserve to be met and heard. 


It's a remarkable opportunity for both sides to ask questions and gauge the fit between the goals and objectives of the interviewee and the learning environment and approach at Trinity. And it works out well for everyone, too. We find those (often unfairly) overlooked students whose drive and determination to become doctors is unshakeable and give them that chance they need.

Your Mission, Our Purpose.

No need to recreate the wheel, attach your processed AMCAS, AACOMAS, OMSAS or TMDSAS application report to the form below or complete Trinity's Online Application for Admission. This will allow our admissions team to immediately review your candidacy for an interview.
If you've already completed our online application or used the Admissions upload form to provide us with your application file, you do not need to complete the Interview Request form, you'll have the option to select an interview location (including online, via Skype).

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Interested but not quite ready for an interview? Click here and find out when we'll be at a grad fair or holding a meet & greet near you. Still have questions? Want a fast response?

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