Pre-Medical Program Admission Requirements

Trinity School of Medicine accepts well qualified applicants from around the globe. The purpose of the program is to prepare academically sound and highly motivated students for admission into Trinity School of Medicine's Doctor of Medicine degree program and subsequent licensure as a physician in the United States. »Read more about the program of study

Admission Requirements
  1. Graduation from high school or secondary school in a college preparatory curriculum that includes the sciences (chemistry, biology or biochemistry) as well as upper level mathematics (calculus or trigonometry) and English.
  2. The equivalent of two years of undergraduate level education. In countries following the British system of six years of secondary school where the last two years represent the first two years of college, graduation from secondary school will be acceptable. In the US and Canada this would be two or more years of college.
  3. Minimum age of 18
  4. Proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English.
    »Visit the English Language Proficiency page for more details.
  5. No record of felony convictions or a criminal background. A criminal background check is required by all US hospitals that accept medical school students for clerkships. A criminal record will make you ineligible to participate in clerkship training in the US.
  6. Residence and citizenship status from a nation that is neither under sanctions by the United States Government or listed with Travel Advisories by the United States Government web site. Sanctions and/or travel advisories may prohibit students from obtaining the required visa for entry into the United States to perform clerkships. Individuals ineligible for admission to the United States are ineligible for admission to any program offered by Trinity School of Medicine.

Trinity School of Medicine Applicants

To maintain small and interactive classes, Trinity restricts the number of students it accepts into the Program each term. Qualified applicants may be offered admission for the following term if the current class is full at the time the application is received.

Applicants who have shown academic excellence in both their choice of curriculum and their scholastic achievement in core science and math courses generally receive favorable consideration in the admissions process.

Transcript Assessment

After transcripts have been received by the Admissions office, students from outside the U.S. may be asked to re-submit their transcripts through World Education Service (WES) for transcript and credential evaluation. WES will convert your grades and transcripts to a US standard ensuring that all applicants are evaluated comparably with respect to academic qualifications. Please review the application page for more details.

United States Students should submit their applications and transcripts directly.
»Visit the Application page for more details.