Trinity School of Medicine Admission Process Infographic

Caribbean Medical School Admissions Process Infographic for Trinity School of Medicine

We take pride in a simple, transparent application process that gets you on the way toward your academic goals. Applying to Trinity School of Medicine is as simple as collecting a few documents and going through a series of easy steps.

Gather and Submit

To start, you will have to gather relevant documents (see below) and get ready to send them in with your application. You will need your:

  • MCAT Score Report. This can be released directly to the admissions department from the AAMC website. Your score must be from an exam taken within the last four years.
  • Transcripts from all post-secondary schools you've attended. Unofficial transcripts are okay to start the process.
  • Letters of Recommendation. These must be sent directly from the letter writer to the school. Not sure who to ask? Talk to your professors, work supervisors, professionals from your University pre-health advising office and other non-family members who can provide information about your experience and positive character traits.

Send these in with your application and your application fee. You'll be directed to PayPal to pay the fee if you apply online.

Getting to Know You

After everything has been submitted and reviewed, it is time for your interview. This is time for you to share all of the hard work and high qualifications that make you an excellent student. It is an important part of the process at Trinity, and a bit different than other schools. We use the interview to let you give context to your academic history, explain challenges you've overcome, as well as your long term goals. Come prepared to talk about your work experience, healthcare experience and volunteer experience. Think about the stories and experiences that best exemplify your experience in areas that include research, travel, leadership, and teamwork.

Making a Decision

Based on what we learn about you through your application paperwork and during your interview, we will make our decision. All applicants are reviewed by our admission committee. Once we have reviewed all of your information, we will notify you with our decision.

This simple step by step process is designed to be clear and easy for the applicant. We want to attract dedicated students and give them the chance to get a high-quality medical education. Ready to start the next phase of your medical career? Start your application online today.