Tuition and Expenses 

All fees, tuition, or monitory amounts mentioned on this site are in U.S. currency.

Year Term Tuition
Pre Med Year Term 1  $  3,900
Pre Med Year Term 2  $  3,900
Pre Med Year Term 3  $  3,900
MD Year- 1 Term 1  $14,900
MD Year- 1 Term 2  $14,900
MD Year- 1 Term 3  $14,900
MD Year- 2 Term 4  $14,900
MD Year- 2 Term 5  $14,900
MD Year- 3 Term 6  $16,600
MD Year- 3 Term 7  $16,600
MD Year- 3 Term 8  $16,600
MD Year- 4 Term 9  $16,600
MD Year- 4 Term 10  $16,600
   Total $169,200

Listed tuition and fees are per Term (trimester).The number of terms for the programs of study offered in the School of Biomedical Sciences will vary depending upon the number of previous course credits completed by a student prior to matriculation at TMSU and/or the necessary course prerequisites for admission to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

The standard Five-Year Program includes one year (3 Terms) of pre-med course work.  Some students may require additional course work in order to meet the MD program entry requirements.  Tuition will be billed at then effective tuition rates for additional course credits.

* Tuition is subject to increase annually.  All students will be billed each academic term at the tuition rates then in effect.

  • FEES

    Application Fee

    $50 non-refundable

    Commitment Deposit

    $500 non-refundable*

    Exam / Records Fee

    $325 per term

    Student Activity Fee

    $50 per term

    Student Health Insurance Fee

    $710 per term

    Doctor of Medicine Program Fees

    Malpractice Insurance Fee

    $233 MD Program terms  VI - X

    NBME Test Fee

    $150 MD Program terms  I - X

    USMLE Exam Prep

    $125 MD Program terms  I - X

Students are automatically enrolled for individual coverage unless they provide proof of alternative coverage that is substantially equivalent to the Trinity plan. Students desiring dependent coverage are responsible for timely enrollment of dependents to ensure coverage.


All Trinity students other than residents of St. Vincent are required to reside in University-provided housing during their Terms of study in St. Vincent.  The University provides security, housekeeping, air conditioning and high-speed internet at all of its managed housing properties.  The University may consider requests for exceptions to this policy in limited circumstances in which a student’s circumstances may not be adequately accommodated in student housing (family, full housing, etc.).  A housing waiver fee may apply for students granted an exception from University-provided housing.

Residence Hall applications are due no less than four (4) weeks prior to the first day of class.