Tuition and Expenses 

  • All fees, tuition, or monitory amounts mentioned on this site are in U.S. currency.
  • Commitment Deposit - $500.00. Non-refundable deposit must be submitted within three (3) weeks of admission notification. Proceeds apply as a credit to the tuition amount upon enrollment.
Year Term Tuition
Pre Med Year Term 1  $  3,500
Pre Med Year Term 2  $  3,500
Pre Med Year Term 3  $  3,500
MD Year- 1 Term 1  $13,900
MD Year- 1 Term 2  $13,900
MD Year- 1 Term 3  $13,900
MD Year- 2 Term 4  $13,900
MD Year- 2 Term 5  $13,900
MD Year- 3 Term 6  $15,200
MD Year- 3 Term 7 $15,200
MD Year- 3 Term 8 $15,200
MD Year- 4 Term 9 $15,200
MD Year- 4 Term 10 $15,200
   Total  $146,550

 * Fees differ from term to term and are assessed as follows:

  • Records Administration Fee $225/term
  • Student Activity Fee $50/term to fund activities of the Student Government Asso. in  St. Vincent.
  • Shelf Exam Fee $150 for MD year one, term two; MD year two term four and five to administer the National Board of Medical Examiners comprehensive exams. 
  • Shelf Exam Fee $150 at the completion of each (six) core clerkships.


Trinity provides textbook and supply schedules to assist students in securing the appropriate books and supplies for their term of study. Freshman students assuming a full schedule of courses should budget $500 to $600 to satisfy their book and supply needs. This amount may be less if the student is operating on a modified schedule or elects to purchase used books. Trinity maintains an approved online textbook order program that students may utilize to acquire books and supplies (see link on homepage). We encourage all students to utilize this service.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory while students are enrolled with Trinity School of Medicine. Trinity offers a Student Health Care, coverage is provided by Worldwide Expatriate Association (WEA).
The cost of the policy is currently $580.00 per term.

Students may have access to or be currently enrolled in an alternate health insurance program through a spouse or other family member. Students may continue with their current plan if it provides coverage essentially equivalent to the Trinity Program. Students utilizing this approach must provide proof of coverage in a form acceptable to Trinity prior to or at registration.


All first year students are required to maintain residence on Campus unless residing with family member or relatives that are permanent residents of St. Vincent. This policy affords students adequate to time to acclimate to school and new living environment. Residence Hall quarters feature private bedrooms and community living, bath, and kitchen facilities for two occupants. Each unit offers internet service and all utilities. Costs are $600.00 per occupant, per month or $2400.00 per term.

Residence Hall applications are due no less than four (4) weeks prior to the first day of class.

Living expenses

Students should budget $1,750 -$2,500 per term for food and personal expenses.