FIVE YEAR PROGRAM student visa information

Student Visa Information 

Trinity School of Medicine Visa Requirements

St. Vincent & the Grenadines Campus

Pre-Medical Students

There are no visa requirements at this time for your studies in St. Vincent. However, you must have a valid passport and a return ticket to your homeland upon arrival. There is a small departure fee $16.00 each time you leave the island. There are no departure fees for inter-island travel within the Grenadines currently.

Visa Requirements for U.S. Clinical Rotations (Clerkships)

All Students who are not citizens of the United States will require a student visa for the 5 terms of clerkship rotations at U.S. Hospitals in Medical School. Please review the following link to the US Department of State for up to date information:

»Visit the Department of State web site

The Registrar's office at Trinity School of Medicine will direct and assist you to obtain the proper Visa information based on your country of residency.

Since your course of study is more than 18 hours a week during your clerkship rotations, you will need a student visa. Please read the information on how to apply for an F1, J1 or M1 student visa. For additional student related information, visit the EducationUSA web site created by the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to learn about educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study, opportunities for scholars, financial aid, testing, admissions, and much more.