Trinity School of Medicine Announces Exchange Rate Hardship Grant Program for Canadian Students

Trinity School of Medicine Announces Exchange Rate Hardship Grant Program for Canadian Students

Trinity School of Medicine is excited to announce a new program designed to address a high priority issue for Canadians considering studying medicine abroad: the relative CAD value and current exchange rate. 


Starting with the next incoming class of students in January 2017, Trinity School of Medicine will adjust the tuition for Canadian students to compensate for the current value of the Canadian dollar. This “Exchange rate grant” will be assessed prior to the start of each new term.  When the Canadian dollar is valued at 90% or less than the US dollar, the percentile difference will be applied as a grant to all Canadian students' tuition. 

For example: 

Currently, $1.32 CAD is worth $1.00 US. That's a difference in value of 24%. In this example our Canadian students would receive a hardship grant that would cover 14% of their tuition for the upcoming term. At current exchange rates, Trinity's 1st term tuition of $12,250 USD would effectively cost Canadian students $16203 CAD. With the adjustment, Canadian students would receive an exchange rate hardship grant of 14% effectively adjusting their cost to $13,938 CAD.

Please keep in mind:
1. This hardship grant can be applied in addition to other grants and scholarships made available by Trinity and will be calculated based on the tuition remaining once awards have been applied. If you are awarded a $1,000 grant towards each terms tuition, the example's 14% adjustment would be applied to $11,250 tuition owed.
2. This grant is, as mentioned, variable. It will be reassessed prior to the start of each term.
3. This is available to all Canadian students! Whether you are new student this January or already progressing towards graduation you are eligible for this tuition adjustment.
4. This program will be assessed on a term by term basis. If/when the value of the Canadian dollar increases to within 10% of the US dollar (or exceeds it), the program will be suspended.
5. While all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who receive an offer of admission for the MD program at Trinity School of Medicine will be eligible to apply for the program.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us directly. 


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