Trinity Student Support for Children's Home, Special Olympian

Trinity Student Support for Children's Home, Special Olympian

Trinity School of Medicine is proud of its dedication to guiding and educating future physicians of the world, embracing diversity and transcending racial, cultural, religious, even national boundaries. Guided by the student-centric principle, “your mission, our purpose,” Trinity selects students that are looking for an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) of Trinity has recently risen to the occasion in a big way.

Trinity-MSA-membersTrinity's Muslim Student Association

Aneisha-Sutherland Aneisha Sutherland, a child in residential care at the St. Benedict Day Nursery and Children’s Home, a facility with fifty daytime visitors and thirteen permanent orphanage residents, will now have a dedicated space as an additional training ground in her quest to participate as an athlete in the upcoming 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, California.

In April, 2015, Trinity’s MSA presented the Day Nursery and Children’s Home in Georgetown with $5,000.00 EC. Student Ahmed Aldais, President of MSA, and fourth term student commented that, “[The] organization’s aim is to embrace the community in which they live while studying, and they thought it was a unique opportunity to give support to the charity.” 

St. Benedict’s Sr. Nyra-Anne Pajotte praised the efforts of the organization, “We feel extremely privileged to receive such help,” she said. She went on to state that, at the day nursery and children’s home, “There are always needs, and sometimes I have to tax my brain to find donors. This time, it was not so. Trinity came in and offered to assist,” she explained.


Rana Chaar, fourth term student and treasurer of MSA, explained that with St. Vincent and the Grenadines being their home for two years, the organization’s membership felt a strong call to give back to the community. “We looked around for a charity to support and found St. Benedict.” Enquiries made to ascertain the manner in which MSA could give assistance revealed the need for the mixed-use playground/athletic space. Chaar said that the organization first started raising funds by holding a dinner on Trinity’s campus, catering to students and faculty. “After the first event, we were able to raise about half of the total sum required, so we continued doing the event and were able to come up with the entire figure.”

Construction-Before-AfterAs far as resident athlete Aneisha is concerned, Sr. Nyra-Anne explained that while she does much of her training in Kingstown with the other members of the squad, the newly groomed space on the grounds provides her with greatly expanded opportunities to focus and prepare. The other children will also benefit beyond simply play. “The playground is so properly structured, we have been able to deploy the children in such an orderly manner; it actually helps them to understand order and supports healthy, stimulating routine” she said.

MSA plans to continue its relationship with St. Benedict. While happy to have been of assistance already, they are currently making arrangements to give further support to the day nursery and orphanage.