Trinity Med Students Participate in Orthopedic Outreach of World Pediatric Project

Trinity Med Students Participate in Orthopedic Outreach of World Pediatric Project



Following on the established partnership between Trinity School of Medicine and the World Pediatric Project (WPP) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, several groups of Trinity students worked in shifts during Consultation Day of the WPP Orthopedic Clinic, held at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) in the capital of Kingstown on Sunday, April 12th.

An expectant father with his daughter awaiting their time with the WPP team

The World Pediatric Project, provided an eight-member mission team:

A St. Vincent based team led by Dr. Charles Woods, Orthopedic Surgeon assisted.  Other practitioners giving support were Dr. Bharati Datta, Head of Pediatrics at Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Mrs. Janelle Ballah, Head of the Physical Therapy Department; and members of the SVG Dove Club, the local WPP Support Group.

The setting was one of jubilant, euphoric anticipation and activity – two rooms filled to capacity with enthusiastic parents shepherding active, impatient children who eagerly demonstrated their progress since their last visit; Doctors engage with the many parents and patients awaiting their consultations in St. Vincent and the Grenadinesa veranda lined with similar individuals, their faces expressing deep gratitude for the very opportunity to be there; doctors smilingly and patiently working through each case in turn, happy to be of service; medical students and other assistants eagerly soaking up the chance to expand their knowledge in a practical setting. It was a perfect picture of giving to mankind.

And Trinity students surely played their part. They were present in the consultation rooms, being given the opportunity to observe, and to pose questions which provided a means for on-the-spot teaching by the specialists. Both practical and theoretical information was communicated. Fifth term student Anita Mehta, in outlining the benefits which her team members from Trinity could derive from their participation in the exercise said,

“This is a great way to put what we’ve learned over the past five terms into a clinical setting and to get to apply our knowledge of what we’ve been studying throughout our time at Trinity. Seeing orthopedic patients requiring surgery was a good way of putting our theoretical knowledge to practical use.”

Trinity School of Medicine Students discuss cases with Dr. Datta at Milton Cato Memorial

Dr. Bharati Datta gave her opinions on the medical student participation. She outlined,

“Of course, there is a huge collection of pathology which they may not see in their career, not for a very long time at least. Not everybody is going to become an orthopedic surgeon. This is an orthopedic clinic, and they have been able to see many orthopedic pathologies. It’s a learning experience where they will need to think about how it could be.”

She went on to explain that as mentors and tutors in that setting, the specialists play their part in the progress of the students. Clinics like those conducted by the WPP, she reiterated, aid in helping students to gain insight in special areas of medicine which could result in them making those areas their choice.

Along with patients from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, this clinic saw over twenty-five patients from Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia, and Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis. Thirteen children were identified for surgical procedures locally. These were done during the week of Monday, 13th and Thursday, 16th April. Nine candidates were identified for procedures in the United States. These will be scheduled upon further arrangement by the officials of the World Pediatric Project.

Milton Cato Memorial Hospital welcomed the families from St. Vincent and surrounding Caribbean nations.

Trinity School of Medicine continues to participate in the outreaches of the World Pediatric Project as they facilitate the enrichment of student experiences.


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