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Ask Admissions - Want Your Medical School Interview to Make a Lasting Impression?

Here's How to Prepare Yourself

Admissions Advice from Regional Director of Admissions, Lisa Miller

The entire medical school admissions process can be cumbersome, challenging, and at times, stressful; this is a critical and crucial part of the admissions process. Depending on the school, some of the admissions steps will vary, so make sure you follow each medical school's instructions. Generally speaking, each school will want you to upload your entire application packet, this too can be done several ways, all depending upon the school. Knowing how to make a lasting impression during your medical school admissions interview can make a significant difference in being put through to the next round, ultimately playing a critical part in determining who gets an invitation, and who does not. Directors of Admissions have an abundant amount of insight, knowledge, and drive, to peel back the layers of academic success, giving you invaluable experience through the admissions interview.

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