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Trinity School of Medicine Announces Curriculum Update, Fostering a New Level of Success in Caribbean Medical Education

Trinity School of Medicine is dedicated to creating new, higher standards in the quality and efficacy of its curriculum. The reasons for this are twofold: first, better doctors do more good, and second, we want to give our students the opportunity to become those better doctors. Our philosophy manifests in a number of ways throughout the school, from research in medical pedagogy to exciting announcements like this:

Effective Monday, May 9th, Trinity's ILP was adjusted to reflect a more finely balanced distribution of courses to have a greater impact on long-term student success. 

Trinity's new ILP folds students in with their standard track colleagues at term 3. You can click the image to be taken to an informational page and contact form or keep reading below to learn more.

 What is the ILP?

The Indivualized Learning Plan (ILP) is, in the words of former faculty member and current associate director of admissions, Dr. Guinevere Bell, "a program launched in 2013 to help (a segment of) students adapt to the rigor of medical school. ILP students take a reduced course load in the beginning, giving them a bit more time to adjust, but still allowing them to complete their MD degree in 4 years." 

Our students tend to agree. 

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Individualized Learning: Yet another Path to Success at Trinity

Trinity is focused on educating and guiding the next generation of skilled, dedicated physicians. As we've made abundantly clear, we consider your experience, background, and passions beyond academia a crucial component of this, which is why we put so much emphasis on the interview (speaking frankly, having our committees evaluate a candidate's grades and test scores in the context of their experiences and overall character gives us a much more robust framework to evaluate them for acceptance).
As a result, we meet driven students who are going to make remarkable doctors if they're given the best opportunity available to them. To address this, we offer the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

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