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5 Most Popular Fields of Medicine in 2020

Updated: October 7, 2020

There are dozens of medical specialties from which new medical school graduates can choose. From abdominal radiology to vascular surgery, the Association of American Medical Colleges lists more than 120 specialties and subspecialties. What draws each doctor to their specialty varies, but some common considerations are: type of patients, work-life balance, demand for the specialty, and average salary. Below are some of the top specialties of 2020 based on those needs.

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Trinity, Transfers, and the Changing Face of International Medical Schools

There are quite a few medical schools operating in the Caribbean. This has been a source of everything from hope and opportunity to stress and uncertainty over the past half century or so for US and Canadian students. And while we obviously think that we're the best choice for anyone considering an international medical education, we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss a major ally of ours in the fight for quality: The ECFMG. 

Today, we're going to discuss what the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) actually is and what it isn't. We'll also get into how they're making the Caribbean a better place for students considering an education abroad. (You will be unsurprised to find that Trinity ticks all of their boxes as one of the best schools in the region).

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Trinity School of Medicine Releases Fall 2018 Admissions Interview Schedule

Trinity School of Medicine's Fall interview schedule opens the door to students that want to begin their MD program in January, May or September 2019. This is a critical time saver for students who want to start their medical journey sooner rather than later, and don't want to  delay their future rolling the dice with another admission cycle in the US or Canada. 

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Trinity School of Medicine Launches Southern Regional Admissions Interview Schedule

Trinity School of Medicine is excited to announce a multi-state admissions tour of the Southeastern United States.

Trinity has made no secret of its particular attachment to the Southeast. Our administrative offices are outside Atlanta, Georgia, as were our first clinical rotations, and our chancellor lead the medical program at Mercer for the better part of two decades. This is more than geographical loyalty, though. It's about addressing a critical need on the part on both patients and our home-region's qualified but overlooked medical students. 

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