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Ask Admissions - How do you Financially Plan for Medical School?

Here's How to Financially Plan for Medical School

Admissions Advice from Regional Director of Admissions, Sam Mahra

You've realized your calling is to become a medical doctor. In addition to the academic drive, determination, and success, you'll need a way to pay for your medical education. All of these factors, none of which are easy in and of themselves, calls for a plan. More specifically, a financial plan which addresses the cost of your future medical school journey. There are a multitude of variables that will determine the high picture cost of your medical education. Will you attend a U.S. medical school? To sift through the cumbersome processes involved, we've asked one of Trinity's Regional Directors of Admissions, Sam Mahra, to help break down some of the essential parts that play a crucial role in determining your future financial needs to attend medical school.

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