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CaMSA Makes Large Material Donation to Vincentian Social Workers

Last week, Trinity's Canadian Medical Student Association (CaMSA) made a large delivery of supplies (clothing, gifts, toiletries, etc.) to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital social work department. The group was, as always, graciously welcomed by a department representative, social worker Kevan Glasgow. 

"Old Reliable." One of Trinity's fleet vehicles helping CaMSA with its delivery.

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Trinity School of Medicine's "Kid Companions" Hold Carnival at St. Benedict Children's Home

Trinity School of Medicine is an institution with a culture of service and community engagement. And while many of the outreach opportunities are provided by the school itself, so many are grass roots student organizations. Kid Companions is a fantastic example of this sort of proactive community service, showing that Trinity students are already walking the walk of bedside manner and taking the initiative on their own to keep the humanity in medicine.  Read on to see, once again, why we're so proud of our students as they are today, and the doctors they will become.

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Trinity School of Medicine's SMS and AMSA Groups Collaborate on Holiday Gift Drive for Vincentian Causes

As 2016 wrapped up, Trinity chapters for the Society of Medicine and Surgery (SMS) and the American Medical Students Association (AMSA), teamed up to bring joy to children in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Presentations of funds and gifts were made at the school on Monday, 12th December, by representatives of the organizations, in the presence of Dean Adkinson and Dr. Frances Jack.

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Trinity School of Medicine Announces Exchange Rate Hardship Grant Program for Canadian Students

Trinity School of Medicine is excited to announce a new program designed to address a high priority issue for Canadians considering studying medicine abroad: the relative CAD value and current exchange rate. 

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Trinity School of Medicine's CaMSA Chapter Provides Necessary Supplies to Mental Health Facility

 While a majority of Trinity's student body is training for a career back in the US and Canada, the school and students have embraced their part of the St. Vincent community. The Canadian Medical Student Association (CaMSA)'s latest event proved the roots are only growing deeper. 

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Trinity's CaMSA Chapter Delivers Nine Shipping Barrels' Worth of Necessary Supplies to Vincentian Healthcare Facilities, More on the Way

Last week, Trinity’s Canadian Medical Students Association (CaMSA) once again took part in an outreach event. On Tuesday, April 26th, the group handed over much-needed material donations to the Luis Punnett Home, the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre, and the St. Benedict Children’s Home, Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, and a number of smaller health clinics throughout the island.

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Trinity's CaMSA Students Deliver Toys to Peds Patients at Milton Cato Memorial

Trinity's Canadian Medical Students Association (CaMSA) chapter paid a visit to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital this December with armfuls of gifts for resident children under the care of the hospital's social welfare department.

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