Long-Distance Support: Trinity Students Donate to Support their Island Home

Long-Distance Support: Trinity Students Donate to Support their Island Home


The Trinity School of Medicine Student Government Association has donated over $13,000 to disaster relief efforts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.With those funds, teams have donated over 150 packages and counting to families in need. Packages contained a variety of items, including personal hygiene products and tools to assist with volcano cleanup efforts. Donation funds were given by all chapters of the Trinity Student Government Association collectively, in both St. Vincent and the clinical program location in Warner Robins, Georgia, U.S.A. Trinity’s Vice President of Student Services, Keith Hollers, expressed that he was proud of the compassion shown by the student-led initiative, saying “This multinational donation demonstrates how meaningful the island is to our students. Even after they leave and return to the states, Trinity students continue to think of St. Vincent as a second home and they seek out ways to contribute to the community.”

Student Alexandra Frazier said students were eager to help after seeing first-hand the level of destruction caused by the eruption. “It was amazing to see the community come together after a horrific natural disaster,” said Frazier. “The people of St. Vincent have opened their hearts to Trinity students and they have been nothing but kind and welcoming towards us. We want them to know just as they have helped us on our journey to becoming doctors, we will help them recover and persevere.”

After a long hiatus of in-person learning due to the coronavirus pandemic and the volcano eruption, Trinity students will be returning to the island in September to resume their studies. Students and staff are excitedly preparing for the long-awaited reunion and are looking forward to serving the people of St. Vincent through free health clinics and other community service activities.

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