Trinity Participates with Village Doctor Program to Serve Community

Trinity Participates with Village Doctor Program to Serve Community

describe the imageOn Sunday May 26th, the Rotary Club of St. Vincent conducted a Village Doctor outreach program for the rural communities in the northernmost part of St. Vincent. A team of Trinity School of Medicine fifth term student volunteers alongside Trinity Faculty MDs joined the Rotary Medical Team and set up office at Fancy (an area of St. Vincent) Government School.

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Through out the day, more than 140 patients ranging in age from from 1 year to 95 years, received medical diagnosis, advice, and treatment.




Pictured at right, Dr. Paul Cooper, Neurologist and Visiting Professor from Western University, Ontario Canada offers medical advise to one of the many patients examined and provided with treatment and or prescriptions if needed.


Dr. Conrad Nedd, Trinity SOM Professor
Pictured below, dedicated specialist care was provided by Dr. Conrad Nedd, Trinity School of Medicine Professor of Medicine and Director of Core Clinical Rotations.

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Specialties offered were family medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology, dentistry. Patients got most of their drug prescriptions filled for free right on site.


The Rotary Club of St.Vincent Biannual Village Doctor is a successful community outreach project that involves a team of Doctors, Specialists, Pharmacists and Health Care Providers travelling to villages in need and offering free medical attention and medicines for 1 day.




At right, Pediatric care explained to a Mum by Dr. Bernadette Scott, Clinical Tutor, Trinity School of Medicine.

Trinity Students Triage the incoming patients


Fifth term Community Service Volunteers Natalie Krajcir and Richelle Neverson who triaged together shared their thoughts on the day of service.

Richelle posted, "Working with one of my favorite colleagues in Fancy...extremely rewarding...can't wait for this to be real! Definitely reminds you of what is important and why we work hard, get stressed, cry and wake up and do it all over again!" 
Pictured at left, Trinity 5th term medical students Natalie Krajcir and Richelle Neverson triage incoming patients as part of the Community Service Village Doctor Day.

Natalie went on to express her thoughts,

"I had a really great Sunday. Today I volunteered with my classmates at the Village Doctor put together by The Rotary Club of St. Vincent. We traveled to the Northern most city of St. Vincent called Fancy to host a traveling clinic.

Over 6 hours my colleagues and I triaged a couple hundred patients in order to send them to different specialists that volunteered their time too, of which most we were our professor and hospital preceptors.  We had peds, gyn, neuro, opthalmo, general medicine, derm, emergency medicine, dental and everything in between.
We split up triage and worked with different physicians to see all of the patients. 
Richelle Neverson, Dr. Scott and I even had one patient with an MI {myocardial infarction}!  Good thing we had the portable EKG! 
Days like this really put into perspective why I’m spending all of this time studying and making sacrifices.  We provided free care and meds to a lot of people in need.  I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my Sunday."

Special thank you to the Clinical and Basic Sciences Faculty and Administration at Trinity and the Students who gave their time and energy to for the betterment of the health of the people of St. Vincent.