Trinity Graduate Discusses the Path to Practicing Medicine in Canada

Trinity Graduate Discusses the Path to Practicing Medicine in Canada

Admission to Canada's Faculties of Medicine is ultra competitive

We understand how extremely competitive admission to Canadian Faculties of Medicine is and how highly qualified students are forced to either abandon their dream or pursue a different path to earn their MD.  A few weeks ago, members of Trinity's Admissions Team ventured to Toronto, Canada to meet with Applicants for our MD program.  Over the course of two days we hosted a Prospective Students (and Parents) event and conducted close to 15 admission interviews.  For many, Trinity School of Medicine is that path.
A significant number of our incoming students (consistently near 25%) come from Canada.  Those that started in our very first years have already blazed the trail back, successful in securing a residency through CaRMS.   Other students who came to Trinity from well-known Canadian Universities like McGill, U. Toronto, and McMaster, chose to pursue their residency programs in the U.S.  
Canadian Kat J. Talks Road to Residency

Kat Jurecki, a native of Ontario and former student at both Acadia and Dalhousie, participated in our Event and shared her experiences on the road to achieving a successful residency program match in her top choice specialty.  Kat shared tried and tested tactics and offered advice for prospective Canadian students like:

  • How to position yourself for a residency through elective selection

  • When to identify your top programs and begin your pursuit

  • What to expect from the licensing exams and when to complete them

Check out Kat's video and you'll take away some great bits of wisdom from someone who has recently traveled the very path you may be preparing to embark upon yourself.

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