Trinity School of Medicine from an Applicant's Perspective

Trinity School of Medicine from an Applicant's Perspective

Gily is preparing for her latest adventure, one in a long line of adventures and experiences that the future medical school student and world-traveler has embarked upon in her 24 years of life.  Gily's trip starts tomorrow, she's leaving Augusta, Georgia for St. Vincent and the Grenadines and more specifically Trinity School of Medicine.  This is the last step in Gily's extensive research to determine if she's found the medical school program that is ideal for her.  We asked Gily if she would share her experiences with other prospective students, honest and unfiltered:

Trinity Applicant Gily R.GILY - I'd be thrilled to share my experiences, and I think it will be a wonderful "First Impression" guide for future students / applicants visiting the Island.

A little background on Gily, she graduated from the University of Georgia in December of 2009 Cum Laude with a double major in Biology and English.  Additionally she was a 2009 National Amgen Science Foundation Scholar, 4 year member of the UGA RedCoat Marching band and was a study-abroad student at Oxford University.


GILY - As you well know me by now, I have networked with dozens of medical professionals, physicians, nurse practitioners, admissions directors, etc., in the US, inquiring about Caribbean Studies, about St. Vincent itself, and about Trinity School of Medicine. I have to tell you that every single person I have sat down with (and that's a lot of Starbucks coffee dates - let me tell you!) has been wholeheartedly supportive of my endeavour. There are so many IMGs {International Medical Graduates} around, so many graduates who have gone on to do phenomenal things. I met with an opthalmologist who owns a private practice in Columbus, GA. He had studied at St. George's in 1984 (just 7 years after it had opened), and was on the St. Vincent campus, so he had much to say in the way of Island exploration. In his words, "I took a risk, but I had no doubt I would succeed. Us doctors are a different breed. When we've got the drive within us, we're unstoppable!".

The amount of positive feedback I have received has been overwhelming, and I can confidently say that I know that I am absolutely making the right decision by attending Trinity. In fact, (and I may have to wait until I return from my preview trip to confirm this) I think Trinity is a better fit for my medical education than most mainland US schools. The amount of support and encouragement from Trinity's student body has been unprecedented. They have thrown open their doors with open arms, and have warmingly invited me to stay with them -- to get the full medical-student experience, and to sleep in their dorms. These are people I have never met before in my life... simply students doing a favor for another! This sense of community, this closeknit family, is unlike most other academic institutions. Bianca and her friends have planned dinner for me when I arrive on Thursday night, despite having a quiz Friday morning. Hector has offered space at his house to store anything. Beatriz has kindly extended her room, and Madison and I have going-out plans Friday night. I am beyond thrilled, and cannot wait to meet these people in person! It seems as though every person at Trinity is a truly dynamic individual. They have a zest for learning, interlaced with a passion and love of life. They are exactly the kind of people I want to surround myself with, and whom I want to be my colleagues.

We'll be looking forward to Gily's next installment upon arrival, later in the week.

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