Is Trinity an Accredited Caribbean Medical School?

Is Trinity an Accredited Caribbean Medical School?

World Health Organization (WHO)Is Trinity an Accredited Caribbean Medical School?


This is one of our most frequently asked questions and an area that can get confusing as the words accredited and approved are often used interchangeably, but do not hold the same meaning.

AccrFoundation for the Advancement of Medical Education and Researcheditation

Trinity School of Medicine was granted full accreditation by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) of the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines effective April 11, 2008.


When most prospective students ask about our accreditation, what they usually want to know is whether they can go on to be licensed in the US, and in their home state in particular.   At the time of this post, nineteen US states maintain or use a list of approved medical schools for the purpose of issuing licenses to graduates of international medical schools. 

  • California has it's own approval process, identical to the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), that accredits US medical schools.  Nine other states use California's approved list and they include:  Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee and Vermont.  Trinity has not yet applied to be on California's "Approved List" therefore Trinity School of Medicine graduates are not presently eligible for licensure in the states that use California's List. 

  • Texas reviews schools for approval when the first graduate applies for licensure.  Trinity will begin this process in near future when one of our graduates applies for licensure in Texas.
  • Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, New Jersey and Rhode Island use the World Health Organization (WHO) and/or IMED/FAIMER lists.  Trinity is listed with these organizations and graduates are eligible for licensure there.
  • Alabama and North Dakota use California's Disapproved Schools List, Trinity is not on that list and graduates are eligible for licensure there.

Trinity graduates are currently eligible for licensure in 39 states.  Additional information about state licensure requirements can be found on the web site of the Federation of State Medical Boards: While this site contains valuable information, the medical licensing boards of the individual states are the final authority on questions of licensure for their states.  Always consult directly with the individual state medical licensure board regarding licensure issues or questions about being licensed in that state.

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