Results of the 2014 Match: U.S. and Caribbean Medical Schools

Results of the 2014 Match: U.S. and Caribbean Medical Schools

Recently, the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) hosted the algorithim-based process of aligning doctors with residency positions in the United States.  This competitive process, commonly known as "the Match," included over 52,000 applicants this year and amongst them were Trinity graduates from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. The 2014 participants were vying for post graduate education positions which resulted in 25,687 matched applicants to first year positions. 

Residency Placement by Geography Trinity School of Medicine

Trinity graduates broke new ground with residency placements being achieved in the fields of Anesthesiology and Radiology. Many were successful pursuing residency placements within hospitals and hospital groups where Trinity graduates from previous years have established a strong reputation for the capabilities of our students. These hospitals included Case Western MetroHealth in Ohio, St. Mary's Hospital in Connecticut and Mountainside Hospital in New Jersey. 

The following list details the specialty fields and geographies in which the 2014 Match Participants secured residency positions:

Anesthesiology Cook County Hospital IL
Family Medicine Multiple Hospitals/Multiple Residency Positions CT, NJ
General Medicine
Internal Medicine
Milton Cato Memorial Hospital - St. Vincent
Multiple Hospitals/Multiple Residency Positions
New Jersey University Medical Center
Louisiana State University
Preliminary Surgery Detroit Medical Center MI
Psychiatry Larkin Memorial Hospital FL
Radiology Case Western MetroHealth OH
Surgery Westchester Medical Center NY
Medicine Preliminary* Oakwood Hospital MI
Family Medicine* Mt Sinai Hospital IL
Transitional* Detroit Medical Center MI
Family Medicine* McGill University QC
OB/GYN* Medical Center of Central GA/Mercer U. SOM GA
Medicine Preliminary* Jersey Shore Univ Med Ctr NJ
Family Medicine* LSU Health Services  LA
Surgery-Preliminary* Case Western University Hospital OH
Family Medicine* U Alabama SOM AL
Family Medicine* Central Maine Medical Center ME
Family Medicine* Henry Ford HSC MI
Pathology* Hershey Medical Center PA

* Residency Match details added after this article was originally published on 3/4/2014

Residency Match by Country 2013

The chart above combines two charts (from Chart 15, p. 22) published in the Charting Outcomes in the Match 2014 for IMGs detailing the U.S. Citizen IMG and Non-U.S. Citizen IMG Matched vs. Not Match rates for the 2013 National Residency Match, segmented by country of medical school.  

The chart below from the above publication is a subset of data specific to Caribbean medical schools and the residency Match rate for U.S. IMGs in 2013.2013 Residency Match Rate by Caribbean Medical School Country

{Only countries with at least 50 U.S. IMG appolicants or non U.S. IMG Applicants are reported.  Given Trinity SOM's small class sizes, St. Vincent and the Grenadines contribution to the Match did not reach the reporting level.}

In the 2014 NRMP Match of the U.S. Citizen Students/Graduates of International Medical Schools 53% Matched while 50% of Non-U.S. Citizen Students/Graduates of International Medical Schools Matched.  

According to the National Residency Match Program data stores:

In 2013, 34,355 medical students and graduates participated in the Main Residency Match and submitted certified rank order lists. Half of the applicants (50.9%) were senior students from U.S. allopathic schools. Together, IMGs accounted for more than one third (36.8%) of the applicant pool, including 7,568 non-U.S. citizen IMGs and 5,095 U.S. citizen IMGs.

The USMLE Step 1 score is one of the most important criteria that residency programs use in evaluating candidates.

USMLE Step 1 Score by Matched ApplicantUSMLE Step 1 scores are a measure of an applicant’s understanding of important basic science concepts and the ability to apply that knowledge to the practice of medicine. Although such knowledge is only one facet of applicant qualifications considered by program directors in their selection process, it is one that is comparable across applicants and available during the interview season and prior to the NRMP’s ranking deadline. Overall, matched U.S. IMG applicants had a mean USMLE Step 1 score of 217 and matched non-U.S. IMG applicants had a average score of 227. The dark red line in the chart above displays Trinity's average USMLE Step 1 score for 2013 and provides insight into the future opportunities for our graduates.  Interestingly, the specialties requiring the highest Step 1 scores in the chart above are in areas where our graduates Matched for a residency in 2014.

See for yourself what campus life was like for these successful students as well as current Trinity students who describe their Caribbean medical school experiences.

Trinity Student Life Video
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