On-Demand Webinar Part II: What You May Not Know About Trinity SOM

On-Demand Webinar Part II: What You May Not Know About Trinity SOM

Webinar-Live Tuesday, October 22nd 7PM ET












In Part II of our Live Webinar Series, What You May Not Know About Trinity SOM, we took an in-depth look at aspects of Trinity's MD program that help to create a unique and rewarding experience for our students. 

Find out all of the reasons you should consider Trinity for your Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, directly from current Students and the Admissions team.   

Webinar Speakers and Trinity Students/Grads

Current Trinity Students Discussed: 

Basic Sciences - Terms 1-5, their clinical experience at the affiliated teaching hospital and campus life in St. Vincent. 

Clinical Terms - USMLE Step preparation and the exams plus their experience in core and elective rotations in the U.S.

Medical Mission Trips and Community Health Initiatives - Student involvement with the Society of Medicine & Surgery, AMSA, Village Doctor Program and other initiatives.    

Dean of Admissions, Dr. Paula Reynolds, provided an overview of who our students are and where they've come from.

Attendees had the opportunity to pose questions and get answers directly from the Students and Administration.     

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