5th Term Step 1 Preparation, Critical to Residency Opportunities

5th Term Step 1 Preparation, Critical to Residency Opportunities

When so much of your future rides on scores earned on the USMLE Step exams, it's important to have an advantage going into test time.  Because the competition for a Residency position includes US Medical school seniors as well as other International Medical Graduates (IMGs), just passing Step 1 isn't enough.

The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) conducted a survey of the directors of all programs participating in the 2012 Main Residency Match℠ with the purpose of examining the factors that program directors use in both selecting applicants to interview and ranking applicants for The Match.  The two charts, below pulled from the survey, help illustrate the importance of a strong Step 1 Score in the Residency Match process. 

Factors for Residency Interviews 2012 NRMP

In order to be competitive and to have confidence in your rank across a variety of specialties, you need to earn a top score.  And to achieve a top score you'll want to be in an MD program that can position you for success.

  Step Scores for Residency Interviews NRMP resized 600

In the video featured below, Trinity student Carlos Alvarez, who recently completed his fifth term, details the structure and tools provided by Trinity that prepares students for Step 1.

Courses integrate the basic sciences into clinical cases as required by Step 1 and for the care of patients. During the second half of the term you're in the teaching hospital, conducting rounds with the Clinical faculty and other medical students and residents as part of the hospital health care team.  This further prepares you to enter your clerkships, the next stage after Step 1. 

Dr. Jimmy Lawrence, Associate Dean of Clinical Studies and fifth term professor, describes what the students can expect in the final capstone term. Dr. Lawrence compares the fifth term to "finishing school", an integration of the basic and clinical sciences in preparation for the next major stage of your medical education.  Students gain experience with the structure, material and timed format of The Step 1 exam by taking two, eight-hour full length Kaplan exams mirroring the Step exam. 

Carlos details the number and variety of tools that Trinity provides as part of the comprehensive preparation program including videos, e-books, lecture notes, digital and hard copies of Kaplan's USMLE Review materials and discusses the benefit of having access to these tools from the beginning of the fifth term and continuing for several months after the completion of the fifth term which enables you to set your timeline to maximize readiness. 

You have to remember vast volumes of information in medical school, but as Dr. Lawrence explains, you can't memorize your way out of it.  His final assurance to the new fifth term students is that if you come to class and participate, you will know it.  What you know on Step 1 will have a tremendous impact on your future, be prepared with a comprehensive review program.

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