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How to Become a Doctor in Canada

Becoming a doctor in Canada can lead to a lifelong career that is both personally fulfilling and financially lucrative. Though the process can be both lengthy and challenging, the end results can reap many rewards for your efforts. Understanding and knowing the process can make it easier to move methodically toward your goal.

Trinity Medical Sciences University Dedicates Their New Learning Facility to a Local Leader in Medical Education

Warner Robins, GA- Trinity Medical Sciences University, a leading international medical school, is pleased to announce the dedication of its medical education center in honor of W. Douglas Skelton, M.D. This newly designed facility is located in the Houston Health Pavilion.

2021 Match Report: Trinity Graduates Continue Our Strong History of Match Success.

We are pleased to announce residency match results for 2021! Once again, Trinity graduates continue to represent our school in placements at top healthcare institutions across the U.S.

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Can I Get Into Medical School?

If becoming a doctor is your dream job, you'll spend a great deal of your time wondering if you can get into medical school. Considering how competitive medical school is, it's no surprise that you might wonder if you can even successfully get accepted into a program. This is especially true when you consider that more than half of students who apply to med school aren't accepted.

Trinity School of Medicine & South Georgia State College Partner Together to Provide Students with a Pathway to Medical School


Rowell, GA: Trinity School of Medicine today announced a new partnership with South Georgia State College. This partnership will create a guaranteed pathway to an accredited medical school for South Georgia State College (SGSC) students seeking to become physicians and advance healthcare opportunities in Southeast Georgia.

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Student Spotlight - Abdulai Bangura

Abdulai Bangura is a third year student at Trinity School of Medicine and the first Caribbean medical student to be selected as an Orthopedic Surgery Research Fellow at the University of Maryland where he is currently serving.

Abdulai stayed true to caring nature and his desire to serve others and followed his passion to become a doctor all the way down to the Caribbean. He was motivated to pursue medicine after he overcame a health complication that threatened life as he knew it during high school. The physician and experience “was so impactful that I was inspired to do the same for others.” Abdulai had the “why” part of pursuing medicine, but unfortunately, his grades during his undergraduate years prevented his acceptance into traditional US-based medical schools.   Determined to achieve his goal, he started investigating Caribbean schools and found Trinity. He saw Trinity was growing quickly and had the desired accreditation. The school peaked Abdulai’s interests, stating, “I gathered that the faculty was heavily invested in the growth of the school. I am glad to be a part of this growth. Trinity has continued to exceed their benchmarks… If I could go back in time, I’d choose Trinity again.”

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How to Match Into Your Top Residency Program

Pursuing a career as a doctor is full of challenges that need to be met in order to realize your dream. One of these is being able to match into a residency program that is aligned with your goals and interests. 

Fortunately, Trinity School of Medicine provides its students with ample support and guidance including ways to get into the residency you want.

CGTC Reaches Global Agreement with Trinity Medical Sciences University to Advance Healthcare

Warner Robins, Ga. – With an eye on positioning healthcare students for continued education with premier medical institutions, Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) reached an agreement with Trinity Medical Sciences University to develop an infrastructure that will sustain the capacity of the two institutions to promote educational opportunities and to foster a lasting community partnership.

How to Prepare for Your Medical School Interview

Your medical school interview offers the chance for you to set yourself apart from other prospective students. Knowing how to prepare for a medical school interview not only helps you ace it, but can also calm the inevitable jitters that such an event usually ushers in.

Houston Home Journal Features Dr. Purcell

Article Originally Posted Here:
By: Kendra Norman Holmes/Managing Editor
Frances C Purcell"Becoming a doctor is quite a journey. No profession happens overnight, but to become a full-fledge medical physician takes dedication and determination. Even after their fourth year and the rotations, there’s more. Then comes residency."
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