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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Brielle Cartwright

In preparation of our next "From an Insider" webinar, we are spotlighting one of its special guests and Trinity's Assistant Dean of Clinical Clerkships and Integrated Review Systems, Dr. Brielle Cartwright. Join us on April 21st at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST for this virtual event where we will be speaking with Dr. Cartwright and Trinity's Dean and Provost, Dr. Frances Purcell. Register in advance by clicking here. 

When we asked Dr. Brielle Cartwright what inspired her to go into medicine, she said the answer was simple: "Wanting to advocate for mental health patients who cannot advocate for themselves." After witnessing loved ones battle with mental illness and addiction, Dr. Cartwright decided to use those experiences to work towards changing the system and reshaping the cultural idea that psychiatric healthcare is unnecessary or shameful. Now, as a Psychiatrist, she works hard to help her patients maintain their mental and emotional stability and provide an underserved population with the care they deserve.

Trinity Students Participate in an Active Shooter Disaster Simulation Event


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