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Financing Caribbean Medical School: A Student's Guide

Unless you are very fortunate and you have someone funding your medical school dreams, it's likely that you'll wonder how to finance your medical school education.

Does Your Medical School Matter? 6 Factors to Consider

This article has been updated to provide the greatest relevance & timeliness for our readers. It was originally published August 2017.

As prospective medical students consider their options for where to go to med school, many wonder how much their choice will actually impact their future as a doctor. 

Each year, the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) residency director survey demonstrates that the school a candidate attended is a remarkably low priority in their decision making process. In the most recent report findings, a candidate's medical school didn't even make the top 20 factors when considering an applicant for an interview invitation! 

On its surface, the NRMP survey implies that whatever medical school you choose to attend is irrelevant; as long as you absorb the material and can perform when evaluated on exams, in front of preceptors, etc., that's all that matters.

However, it's crucial to consider that while, on the surface, it may look like your medical school doesn't matter, the learning environment cultivated by that school, and how it has specifically prepared you for a career in medicine, can be the single biggest factor in your success. 

Medical students don't thrive in a vacuum. They need a curriculum, faculty, support structure, living environment, extra-curricular opportunity, even a student body, that is shaped to help them succeed. A school doesn't just provide information, it should help students develop on a personal level into the sort of physician a residency director wants on their team and, ultimately, caring for their community.

In this post, we'll examine factors that the NRMP does consider to be important factors in a residency candidate and how the medical school you attend can help to cultivate and improve your results across each metric. 

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2020 DO & MD Merger: Impact on Caribbean Med Students

This article has been updated to provide the greatest relevance & timeliness for our readers. It was originally published June 2018.

Previously, DO and MD residencies have been matched in separate processes. In 2020, they merged into a single program. Today we're going to dive into what that actually means for MD students, specifically Trinity and its graduates. 

But first, let's cover the basics. There is a myth out there that international medicine graduates, or IMGs, will have a more difficult time in the match now because more US trained DO students will be applying for the same residencies. This is verifiably false. In fact, the opposite is true. MD students of any kind, including Caribbean medical school graduates, will have a better opportunity to match after the merge. 

With that baseline understanding set, let's get into the specifics of the merger and what it means for med students. 

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