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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Kirk Vannitamby

In this latest edition of our alumni spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Trinity alum Dr. Kirk Vannitamby.  With a background in engineering and a passion for medicine, Dr. Vannitamby stayed the course. And it paid off. He is excited to let everyone know he matched with his number one choice,  Western University located in London, Ontario, Canada.  You can join Dr. Vannitamby for an online information session May 27th - Click here to register.

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Everyday Heroes: Trinity Students on the Front Line of the COVID -19 Health Crisis

Jeremy G. Salter, a fourth year Trinity student, developed an interest in 3D printing in undergraduate at the University of Colorado. In 2010, the 3D printing technology was not accessible and cost thousands of dollars. Now, advances in the field have made 3D printing available to almost anyone with an interest. Last year Jeremy received a 3D printer as a birthday gift and it quickly became a hobby.

Today, Jeremy has taken his hobby and turned it into a lifesaving project.

2020 Match Report: Trinity graduates carry on our strong history of success.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting days in the lives of medical students, (and medical school administrations) is Match Day, and 2020 was no exception. Once again, Trinity graduates carry on our strong history of success in residency placement. Our graduates continue to represent our school in placements at top healthcare institutions across North America, and we are so proud as they take the next step on the way to their careers in medicine.


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Trinity Students Donate BIG After Fire Destroys Lady of Guadeloupe Home for Girls

Fire Destroys Lady of Guadeloupe Home for Girls

St. Vincent -- The Lady of Guadeloupe Home for Girls is a non-profit organization that is dear to Trinity School of Medicine and our students. The home provides a safe place to live and a caring environment for at risk girls ages 12-18. We were devastated to learn of the fire that broke out engulfing the building and destroying the entire facility.

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Tips for creating a COVID-19 Home Care Kit

Updated: September 22, 2020

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented, unfamiliar, and uncertain times, we are learning more about caring for those who get sick. One thing seems to remain more common than not, and that is most COVID-19 cases do not require admittance to the hospital, often even the most critical cases get sent home. With this one trend continuing, having a COVID-19 Homehealth Kit is not only recommended, it's likely to ease some of the fear and uncertainty when you're caring for loved ones under the same roof. 

Everyday Heroes: Trinity Graduates on the Front Line of the COVID -19 Health Crisis

While we are all glued to the TV watching our nightly news trying to get the latest COVID-19 updates. We thought we would reach out to our alumni, that are preparing to fight this virus head on and share their stories with you. We know that Trinity graduates are difference makers in every setting, possessing a level of commitment and service to their communities that leaves us humbled. They truly are everyday heroes.