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Trinity School of Medicine's "Kid Companions" Visits Friends at St. Benedict Children's Home

Last week, 26 Trinity students, all members of Kid Companions, returned to the St. Benedict Children Home in Georgetown, St. Vincent. The student group has had a long-running relationship with a handful of children's homes around the island, most of which serve special needs orphans. This visit, two groups were combined; residents of the Bread of Life orphanage visited their friends at St. Benedict to provide greater opportunity for interaction and play.

Trinity School of Medicine: Study Globally, Practice Locally

In this latest infographic, we explore the often overlooked but nonetheless pivotal role international medical graduates play in the American healthcare system. 

International medical graduates (that is, doctors that graduated from non-US medical schools) make up 25% of physicians in the United States. This is because the United States only graduates 19,254 doctors a year from medical school, while having 28,849 residency slots to fill. Even with internationally trained physicians making up the shortfall, that only leaves the US maintaining rather than gaining ground on its physician shortage.

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Trinity School of Medicine Welcomes January 2018 Students with White Coat Ceremony

On Saturday, January 6th, Trinity School of Medicine held the white coat ceremony for its first students of 2018. The event was presided over by Trinity dean, Dr. Linda Adkison, and held on the school's campus on St. Vincent with guests including the honorable Luke Browne, St. Vincent's minister of Health, Wellness, and the Environment and keynote speaker Dr. A. Cecil Cyrus.

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Trinity School of Medicine Releases Spring 2018 Admissions Interview Schedule

Trinity School of Medicine's winter interview schedule opens the door to students that want a jump start on the 2018 academic year in May, or find that perfect academic opportunity for them in our September class. This is a critical time saver for students who want to start their medical journey sooner rather than later, and don't want to roll the dice on an additional admission cycle in the US after waiting another year. 

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