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Trinity School of Medicine Launches Coordinated Curriculum

We are excited to announce some substantial updates to the Trinity School of Medicine curriculum. These changes more directly align and integrate the courses to complement each other and improve student understanding and performance as they progress through their basic sciences.

First, some background. The Trinity School of Medicine curriculum committee is a group of department chairs, key faculty, the dean, and a representative of the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA representative ensures that the perspective of students is taken into account, and ultimately has their final endorsement as changes are implemented. 

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Trinity School of Medicine Holds August 5th Term Ceremony

Last week, Trinity School of Medicine held its latest fifth term ceremony, sending 30 of its  students on to Baltimore, MD and the next phase of their medical education. 

The event was attended by families and friends of the departing students, all welcomed by student speaker Killian Harrelson. Harrelson noted the group's diversity, “Some of us came to medical school directly out of college; while others took some time off in between; and for others still, this is their second career." He reminisced about their passion upon arrival in a new country, to new people, and a new experience.  

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Your Medical School Doesn't Matter. (Until It's the only thing that matters).

What follows is a look at what matters when it comes to securing a residency and how, while your school "doesn't matter," (we'll explain why in a bit), the learning environment cultivated by that school, and how it has specifically prepared you for a career in medicine, can be the single biggest factor in your success. 

First, here's some background. Year after year, the National Residency Match Program's (NRMP) residency director survey demonstrates that the school a candidate attended is such a low priority in their decision making process, it doesn't even crack the top twenty factors when considering an applicant for an interview invitation. 

On its surface, the NRMP survey implies that whatever medical school you choose to attend is irrelevant, as long as you absorb the material and can perform when evaluated on exams, in front of preceptors, etc., that's all that matters.

This is accurate, to a point, but fully grasping it requires critical self-awareness and an understanding of the bigger picture. Medical students don't thrive in a vacuum. They
 need a curriculum, faculty, support structure, living environment, extra-curricular opportunity, even a student body, that is shaped to help them succeed. A school doesn't just provide information, it should help students develop on a personal level into the sort of physician a residency director wants on their team and, ultimately, caring for their community.

Let's take a look at how that comes together at Trinity.

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Trinity School of Medicine Joins Top Tier Caribbean Medical Schools with Latest Accreditation Determination from CAAM-HP

Earlier this summer, Trinity took part in a scheduled accreditation reassessment by The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP). For some background, CAAM-HP is the internationally recognized governing body of medical school accreditation in the Caribbean, with standards and practices modeled on the United States' Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), which is the accrediting authority of US medical schools. The standards specifically used to evaluate Trinity are also recognized by the US Department of Education's NCFMEA as comparable to the LCME.

The accreditation agency determined that Trinity School of Medicine has been elevated to “Accredited with Conditions, 2017-2019,” the current highest level of determined status of all medical schools accredited by CAAM-HP. 

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