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Trinity School of Medicine, the ILP, and an Opportunity of a New Beginning

"When you enter med school, everything from undergrad vanishes and you start fresh. And that’s what Trinity gave me: a new platform to do my best in, the best environment to really thrive." 

This is one of the many things we love to hear from our students. The above was said by David
*, a third year student at Trinity, now in his rotations in Baltimore. David is a smart, hard working student that scored a 21 on the MCAT, went overlooked by the US med school system, enrolled in Trinity's ILP program, and thrived, scoring an impressive 244 on the Step-1 exam. (As a refresher, see below for what sort of doors a score like that can open for a match candidate). 

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Six Months in, Trinity School of Medicine's Dr. Linda Adkison Talks Current Progress, Future Plans.

Dr. Adkison moved to St. Vincent in February of this year when Dr. Skelton transitioned his fulltime focus to his responsibilities as chancellor and, as her reputation as "that lady walking everywhere" among locals in Kingstown may already suggest, she hasn't wasted any time getting to work. 

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