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Trinity SOM Graduates Secure Residency Placements in the U.S. and Canada in 2016

In many parts of the world, March is a month of new beginnings. That premise certainly holds true in the world of medical students. Each March, the United States and Canada conduct a national residency match program that pairs fourth year and graduate medical students with residency training programs, a critical component to becoming licensed to practice.

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Trinity Students, Faculty, and SVG Rotary Travel to Island of Mayreau for Medical Outreach

“Today is a great day for us.  It’s a celebration!”  Those are the words John Roache, recipient of the Caribbean Community Service Award and a local leader on Mayreau, used to describe the Village Doctor Exercise, a longrunning collaboration between the Rotary Club of SVG and Trinity School of Medicine. Students and professors of Trinity made up the over fifty volunteers that undertook the two-hour journey to Mayreau laden with medical supplies, eye glasses, and wheelchairs. 

Trinity Student Group Launches, Focuses on Mentorship

Trinity School of Medicine has a newly formed student-mentoring program specifically focused on the island's orphan population. Diana Freeman, president and founder of Kid Companions explained, “At my first student government meeting, I saw the organizations that had outreaches to orphanages and different homes around St. Vincent. They gave money and resources, but I wanted to belong to an organization that gave time and effort into building the lives of the children in these institutions, so I started something new."

World Pediatric Project and Trinity 5th Term Students Bring Additional Expert Care to SVG Children


Med students around the world know the anxiety of deciding on a specialty, so it's always heartening to hear a fifth term student (Trinity's final year of basic sciences) moving confidently towards a professional focus, and having that inclination confirmed by practical clinical experience during the early stage of medical school.

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