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Trinity School of Medicine Earns CAAM-HP Accreditation

Trinity School of Medicine is proud to announce that it has received CAAM-HP accreditation.


Accreditation is bestowed by a governing body if an institution is operating at a set of predetermined quality standards as well as a benchmark to help schools continue to improve their quality of education.

Trinity AMSA Chapter Visit to Children's Home

As the past few weeks have demonstrated, Trinity School of Medicine has an active, engaged student body. While their studies require a lot of their energy and focus, this drive is also exercised through a number of student organizations. Most recently, the Trinity chapter of AMSA (American Medical Students Association) made a service trip to the St. Benedict Day Nursery and Children’s Home.

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Trinity’s Society of Medicine and Surgery Assist “Kourageous Kidz” Foundation

It's no secret that Trinity attracts students that are dedicated and passionate about their future in healthcare. In their time on campus, this is plainly demonstrated through active and regular acts of service sometimes only available to students at Caribbean med schools. At the end of June, a group of Trinity School of Medicine students, representing the Society of Medicine and Surgery (SMS), presented a donation to the Kourageous Kidz Foundation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Trinity Student Support for Children's Home, Special Olympian

Trinity School of Medicine is proud of its dedication to guiding and educating future physicians of the world, embracing diversity and transcending racial, cultural, religious, even national boundaries. Guided by the student-centric principle, “your mission, our purpose,” Trinity selects students that are looking for an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) of Trinity has recently risen to the occasion in a big way.

Trinity's Muslim Student Association