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2011 was a fantastic year for Trinity School of Medicine. We grew our student body, expanded our clinical sites and applauded our students' many achievements throughout the year. Below is a brief rundown of the highlights as well as what we're looking forward to in 2012.
  • The addition of many new clerkship sites in Washington DC, Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey and Utah expanding our students clerkship optionsbeyond existing sites in Illinois, New York and North Carolina.
  • 2011 Step 1 results will be released in February. We're on track for maintaining the strong pass rate achieved in 2010, once again validating the strength of our faculty and the value of our comprehensive Step 1 preparation program.
  • 100% Pass Rate for USMLE Step 2 CK & CS.
  • Our 4th year students applied for both the National Residency Match Program in the U.S. and CaRMs in Canada. Look for our announcement in March on our students success in achieving residency placements.
  • Two of Trinity's Senior Med students were selected to join the medical corp of the Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity in Haiti.
  • While many Caribbean medical schools lost their student loan offerings due to the volatile financial markets, Trinity was able to maintain and add programs to enable students to finance their medical school education and related needs such as housing, living expenses, books and travel.
  • We increased enrollment by over 200% while holding our attrition rate to a mere 2%. And though we're growing, our signature small incoming classes still provide students with a unique level of personal attention.
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