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How Trinity School of Medicine compares to other Caribbean Medical Schools

If you have looked into medical school options in North America, you know how competitive it is these days. When exploring other options such as Caribbean medical schools, it is important to compare their USMLE pass rates. These pass rates mean a lot because they demonstrate just how secure the path to United States licensing is at a given school. So these rates are key for anyone trying to compare Caribbean medical schools.

In particular, a school's Step 1 pass rate (Basic Science) is crucial to understanding how it compares to other schools. If a school does a good job of preparing its students for this examination, that goes a long way toward ensuring their long-term success in medical school and beyond.

For decades, Saint George's University has boasted a high Step 1 pass rate. They often point to this table as evidence of their success. Because the table is broken down by nation, though, it fails to give the whole picture. Although the study shows that Grenada (where Saint George's is the only assessed medical school) has an 84.4% Step 1 pass rate, it does not reveal recent data on particular schools.

From it's inception, Trinity School of Medicine has taken a thorough and proven approach to preparing tomorrow's physicians. It has offered students the personalized attention that only a small, tightly-knit school can give. Utilizing visiting faculty from established North American medical schools and regional clinical instructors provides students with a broad range of exposure to modern medical practice. In addition, Trinity has provided students with weekly hospital experience starting with their first month of school.

According to newly available data, this approach, together with a strong emphasis on preparing students for the USMLE, has produced exemplary results. At the end of 2010, Trinity School of Medicine reported a Step 1 pass rate of just over 90%, with an 86% first-attempt pass rate. In light of Saint George's 84.4% Step 1 pass rate, these results indicate that Trinity is among the best Caribbean medical schools.

Obviously, one year of data does equal scientific analysis, but it is enough to show that Trinity School of Medicine's personalized approach offers a demonstrated pathway for qualified students to become licensed US and Canadian physicians. These early results point to the fact that Trinity has the right approach. 

From the start, Trinity has worked to provide the best medical education possible. Trinity hired highly qualified faculty and brought in top-notch visiting faculty members. Meanwhile, the school built a relationship with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown, St. Vincent. Now, a USMLE Step 1 pass rate over 90% is an early indication that Trinity School of Medicine is doing it right.

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