Trinity School of Medicine DIVERSITY Policy

Trinity School of Medicine Diversity Policy – Admissions

Trinity SOM believes the recruitment and accommodation of individuals representing groups of all kinds greatly enriches our educational and research missions, the environment for our students, faculty, and staff as well as our goals in improving the healthcare of the citizens of the world. The Trinity School of Medicine Diversity Policy certifies our ongoing commitment to fostering and sustaining diversity throughout the Trinity SOM community.

In keeping with and in support of this policy, Trinity School of Medicine Admissions works to achieve the critical masses of a broad range of populations necessary to ensure the educational benefits of diversity within the student body. A "critical mass" from a distinct population or group means a sufficient number to represent a variety of points of view and to avoid such small numbers as might create a sense of isolation.

Criteria for candidacy and selection are based on academic criteria with greatest emphasis placed on Cumulative GPA, Pre-Requisite GPA, MCAT score and the professional criteria as supported by letters of recommendation and the Interview Report. At no time is a candidate’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, citizenship, religion or any other such characteristic used to make a determination as to whether a candidate is offered admission to Trinity School of Medicine. Conversely, these characteristics may not be the basis to reject a candidate. In no event may an offer of Admissions be based on an established quota.