message from the chancellor

Welcome to Trinity School of Medicine

Chancellor Skelton of Trinity School of Medicine
Message from the Chancellor

Having spent 16 years as a U.S. medical school dean and having served on numerous accrediting teams, I am proud to be associated with Trinity School of Medicine and its strong Board, outstanding International faculty, and excellent administrative team.

For those of you seeking a career in medicine be attentive to the Vision, Mission, and Core Values as you choose the institution to pursue your dream of becoming a physician. Trinity’s Vision and Mission are straightforward, i.e., “To improve access to quality health care and enhance the health status of the residents of the communities served by our graduates,” and “To educate physicians and health professionals to meet the primary care and health care needs of patients within both current and future healthcare systems.”

The Vision and Mission are accomplished by our focus on the three Core Mission Areas of Teaching, Scholarly Activity and Research, and Community Service. Teaching requires excellent faculty providing educational programs that graduate caring, compassionate, and competent physicians. Scholarly Activity and Research underscore our responsibility to discover new knowledge and to integrate new knowledge into our educational programs. Community Service requires us to reach out and partner with neighborhoods and communities and public health clinics for service learning opportunities. The Values of Collaboration, Compassion, Competence, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Honesty lay out our expectations for students and for ourselves in our day to day interactions.

The Value of Competence requires Trinity graduates to demonstrate mastery of the skills of the profession. Thus, we pay attention to an applicant’s GPAs and MCAT scores in the admission process, and require passage of Step 1 of the USMLE in the U.S. and Canada to move from the biomedical sciences to the clinical sciences, and passage of the Step 2 USMLE exams or the NBME Clinical Sciences Comprehensive Exam to graduate. Our goal as faculty is to help students master these exams at the highest level possible. Doing so opens up greater opportunity for future residency training, the last step to becoming practicing physicians.

The Value of Collaboration is supported by the efforts of our Visiting Professors and Advisors who enrich the education programs as teachers or as consultants.

St. Vincent is blessed with fine physicians and an excellent hospital—the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Here, our students gain early exposure to clinical settings and view firsthand the Values of Compassion and Respect through the work of the clinical staff, many of whom hold faculty appointments at Trinity, and provide clinical experiences for our students.

In conclusion, when approaching the decision of which medical school offerings seem to be “the best” take into careful consideration the Vision, Mission and Values of the school. To succeed in medicine isn’t to just earn an MD, it’s a life-long and broad-reaching responsibility to the greater community and to improving lives.

W. Douglas Skelton, MD
Trinity School of Medicine