Student Housing at Trinity School of Medicine

The value of living in Trinity managed housing is significant. The environment and access to students, faculty, and school personnel provides a smoother and easier transition to life in St. Vincent and the rigors of medical school. Trinity School of Medicine basic sciences students have multiple housing options available: Ratho Mill I & II on-campus, Ratho Mill Adams, Canash Beach Apartments, Dell's at Diamond, Dell's at Canash Beach, Marma's Casa and Thomas Apartments. Units are available in a number of configurations and are comparably equipped and furnished.


Ratho Mill I & II

Located on the campus grounds just steps from the lecture halls, learning resource center, the dining facility and recreation area.


The newest addition to Trinity housing, Jewels is located adjacent to campus and offers modern spacious one bedroom studio style apartments.

Ratho Mill - Adams

Located just steps from campus, The three level complex offers 26 single
bedroom units with furnishings.


Canash Beach Apartments


Approximately one and one half miles from campus within a gated community, offering single, double and triple occupancy units and a swimming pool for residents use.



Dell’s at Diamond

Located approximately 3 miles south of campus and serviced by Trinity transportation, Dell's at Diamond offers one, two, three, and four bedroom units. This complex has a swimming pool.





Dell's at Canash Beach


Dells Canash Beach units are approximately 1 mile from campus and are contained in a multi- level Structure arranged in one and two bedroom configurations. This complex offers a swimming pool.


Marmas Casa

Marmas Casa is situated in the Diamond Community near both Dell's and
Thomas Complexes, 3 miles from campus. Marmas offers 25 single bedroom units, the majority of which have ocean views.



Thomas Apartments


Located approximately three miles south of campus in the Diamond community offering bright and spacious one and two bedroom units as well as a pool for residents.



All apartments include furniture, kitchens that are fully equipped, internet access and air conditioning in the bedrooms. There are one, two, three and four  bedroom apartments. Residence Halls and apartments are all serviced by Trinity's transportation services and have 24-hour security on-site. Smoking is not permitted inside school sponsored housing.



For more additional or specific information regarding housing options and availability please contact Keith Hollers at (470) 395-2213.